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Healthy Eating for Healthy and Happy Life




Healthy Food For Healthy Life

Disease burden of modern society are Life Style Diseases. These diseases are putting stress on healthcare system and human life.
Lifestyle diseases are responsible for life threatening and disease burden.
These diseases can managed, its effects can be reduced . The change is possible if Healthy Life Style is adopted.
Key to Healthy and Happy Living is Healthy Lifestyle. Life style diseases are because of lifestyle decisions.
Healthy eating is first step towards better life, healthy and happy life.
Other key life style decisions are adopting balance lifestyle. Leaving the habits which are cause of problems.

Some lifestyle diseases examples are:

Heart disease
Respiratory ailments
Type 2 diabetes

Causes of lifestyle diseases

These diseases are typically the result of certain habits a person has developed, certain restrictions and limitations they have owing to their lifestyle or some kind of exposure or lack of it that their lifestyle necessitates. To simplify, we can categories causes into:
Smoking, drinking, drugs
Exposure to pollutants at work or home
Lack of physical activity, restricted movement for prolonged hours
Habits that cause direct damage to the body (earphones, poor seating)
Poor or unhealthy eating habits (plenty of processed food, little or no nutritive value in diet, lack of hydration)
High stress levels
Poor and/or little sleep

Prevention of lifestyle diseases

The good news here is that it is possible to break the dangerous connection between lifestyle and diseases simply by making changes in the former. To keep lifestyle diseases away, these are the four key points to remember and follow:
Track and maintain healthy weight
Focus on nutritious food
Stay active both mentally and physically
Avoid smoking, drinking, drugs
Go for regular preventive screening

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