Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How to Keep Ahead

Keeping Ahead of Competition

We are living in dynamic world, web is ever changing and dynamic thing, the most important of all is customers. What he wants what he likes and what he demands, satisfaction of customer is most important factor, delivery to customer better than his expectations is called delighted, and my objective is my every customer must be delighted or full money back.

Based on Customerfeedback, SEO Analysis and Landing pages, it is very important to keep on upgrading the portal so that you will get best hits and conversion, the maximum rate of conversion is 2%, if we are looking at initial 1% conversion and daily 30 test means, minimum 3000 hits a day or 120,000 hits a months, this is not an easy jobs, we need lot of efforts, and creative ideas, then only it will be a successful products.

Just only having good product and unique idea may not be enough to succeed, it needs dynamic thinking, out of box thoughts and lot of innovation and innovative approach to satisfy your customer will make you successful, in my opinion we have not yet started the journey, it will be dynamic journey, be patient, it will be full of fun and courage, lot of road blocks, and difficulties be patient and have confidence and faith on the keep on innovating and it will be success. This is journey we will take on together, definitely you will get reward for success, and yes no reward comes without efforts.