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7 Points Consulting
1.     Strategic  Planning
Strategic Planning is all about understanding vision, ideas and goal. Making a blue print for success is called strategic planning process. In this fast changing world, change is the only constant, strategy to face this challenge is most important part of survival. Those who fail to see this, fail to survive.
We help you to build a strategy,  a blue print of success. Strategy document is consisting of Vision, Mission, Goal, Business Model and Business Plan.
2.     Corporate Finance
Corporate Finance is the tool of business which makes or breaks the business. It plays very important role in developing and growing business. Different stages of growth and development has different needs, profitability of the companies depends upon the right mix of financing which makes all stake holders safe and minimize the risk.
 We help you to develop a finance strategy which is based on you long term growth plan.
a.       Mergers and Acquisitions
b.      Private Placement Memorandum
c.       Listing and IPO
d.      Financing
3.     Islamic Finance and Shariah Advisory
Islamic Finance is all about sharing the risk and profits. We help corporations’ transitions from conventional to Islamic Finance. We provide Advisory for Shariah Products and structuring. We provide complete Shariah Financing Solution.
4.     Venture Advisory- Small Business Ideas
Small Business is very important to economic growth and development. We help Ideas to develop into commercially successful business venture.  We help these ideas to grow into successful business venture.
5.     Feasibility Study and Detail Project Report
We can develop Detail Project Report and Feasibility Studies for all kinds of Projects. The existing projects and new green field and brown field projects, we can write a bankable project report as per clients needs.
6.     Restructuring and Turnaround
In every difficulty there is opportunity. After every difficult situation there is ease. We guide and help companies to restructure and re-engineer. There can be different situation and every situation needs a different situation, we help the companies to mak4e most of this situation.
7.     Corporate Social Responsibility
We do stakeholder analysis. Develop CSR strategy and plan. We also help organizations to make awareness of CSR and build the relationship with all stakeholders.

CSR is all about understanding the responsibility towards sustainable growth and development. We help companies for sustainable growth and development.


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