Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Jobs and Employment in United Kingdom London

 Immigration and Employment Opportunity in United Kingdom, London

United Kingdom is going through multiple challenges simultaneously. This is happening almost after a century. Last time UK faced challenges of similar magnitude was in First World War. Now UK is at the cross road of history. Two major incidence has happened simultaneously which has change UK completely. 1. Brexit 2. Covid-19 UK a developed economy and world’s second biggest market is facing challenges from all sides. The Brexit and covide-19 has impacted it. 1. More than 1.4 million people left UK in last one year, most of them permanently. 2. 700,000 people left London. UK has another problem, and that is ageing. UK needs new age Value drivers for economy who will keep UK growing and helping the ageing population.

The Knowledge driven economy is facing Threat and Challenge not seen in last 100 Years. This has created huge scarcity of right skilled Human Resources. 1. Less than 1% in agriculture 2. 16% manufacturing 3. 70% in services Financial Sector, Tourism, Research and Information Technology UK suffers worst annual economic slump since the Great Frost of 1709, a 9.9% decline There is need of new age value drivers for the economy, with Europe borders closed and new immigrations rules implemented this is right time to enter UK How to enter 1. Best Opportunity is Higher Education with scholarships, specially in Pure Sciences and Information Technology will be best sectors. 2. Healthcare, wellness, home care 3. Skilled worker’s IT 4. Agriculture Labor 5. Hospitality and Retail 6. Financial Sector There will be huge gap for rightly skilled people in UK Get ready to move to the UK
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