Tuesday, July 19, 2016

3 youngsters from IIT-KGP are taking on the biggies in the online product discovery space

The story started when a young man named Gaurav Dahake had to buy an iPod for his friend whose birthday was arriving. He turned on his computer and three frustrating hours later, he had bought an iPod which ironically was delivered after the birthday. Gaurav also realized that he could have had a better deal if he had bought the gift from a different source. This experience kept nagging him and he got together with friend and developer Prashant Singh to solve this customer pain-point. And thus was born BuyHatke, an online product and price discovery service. They soon got their UI UX expert in Srikanth Sethumadhavan as well, and the ball was set rolling.

Problem being solved and the revenue model
eCommerce saw an huge upward swing in 2011 and we at YourStory have seen more than 800 eCommerce companies take birth (eSparks 2011 and 2013). With these, we saw the adjoining need for eCommerce enablers and this is where BuyHatke fits in. BuyHatke scans close to 50 credible websites (Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Shopperstop, etc.) and fetches the consumer the best deal.

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