Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Technology and Innovation are powerful tools for revolution, in both positive and negative ways. As we commence to face up to the multiple economic, environmental and social challenges of our time. The innovation of online shopping has made it easier to buy goods quickly and often much cheaper. Technology has become a positive effect on the economy because consumers tend to make more informative decisions on products with the use of technology. When people make confident buying decisions, the economy typically does better. 

New kinds of technology increase the productivity and thus lower the cost of production. Consumer spending has increased because of technology, which leads to a healthier economy.

How can the Innovative Ideas bring a positive social change?

Coming up with an innovative idea will require some procedures of creating ideas from brainstorming to mind mapping that can help educate up to useful ideas. During this process one must make sure to keep focused on a goal.

If you have no goal, how will you know when you have reached the finish line and are ready for refinement?

·      Start out with an innovative ideas and see what you can come up with
·      Don’t get stuck on trying to come up with different alternatives of the same idea as you will want to develop ideas further later

While there is no exact trail in creativity techniques from start to finish, creating an idea you are happy with and feel has innovative potential is the key. Believing in your ideas innovative ability which will give the confidence you will need later on during pitch time.

It is easy to come up with new innovative idea but if that is the case, then why didn’t we do it? The trick is to come up with them beforehand. That’s the challenge. Once you discover that exceptional innovative idea, try to avoid crucial mistakes that will stop your idea from ever seeing the light. To truly be innovative, you should take challenging opinions and combine them, which spreads the innovative potential of your idea. Innovative ideas can sometimes be volatile but many hypothetical hurdles will arise and just having an innovative idea is not always enough.

In order to take an innovative idea from the start to market, you need to have the determination to push through failure. As motivating as some ideas may be, that is not always enough for users. Receiving the message out that your new innovative idea is essential would gain more consumer attention, especially in more difficult economic times. Always having a short and clear value proposal with an inevitable feeling of necessity can help gain capital, experience and users.

Do not wait until everything is “perfect” as they may never be and this will only further delay your ideas release. Don’t be intimidated by the observed skill of innovative designs, because you are typically seeing the ultimate repetition that has changed compared to its original idea.


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