Monday, March 14, 2016


Over the past many years, fashion in Kuwait had noticed a great variety in wardrobe. The lifestyles of many young Kuwaitis are changing due to Western influences. Nowadays we could see most Kuwaiti men and women wear traditional costumes whose style has changed little over the past centuries.

The fashion in Kuwaiti women is splendid than we ought to believe. Their sense of fashion had been radiant from their traditional attire and also from the western couture. Thy do sometimes stuns us in their fashion outlook apart from the principles they follow.

Talking about the traditional attire, most of them wears a long-sleeved, loose, floor length dress or called Abaya over their clothing underneath.  On religious or festive occasions, they wore it with a sheer, embroidered or sequined dress called a Thobe.  However, for daily outings, they prefer abaya as it is a silky head -to- toe black cloak. A multitude of styles and colors of headscarves, called hejab, are worn by many Muslim women in Kuwait.
Some Kuwaiti women embrace a fuller face covering called the burqa, which is a short black veil that leaves the eyes and forehead exposed, or a bushiya, which is a semi-transparent veil that covers the entire face.  The same is not followed by all, however who are so fiercely proud of their right to be protected from the gaze of men.

The country's customs, laws and regulations remain closely to Islamic practices and beliefs. Kuwaiti’s attire is based on the Islamic belief of simplicity and modesty. Common sense and caution are being applied in their dressing and conduct.

Kuwaiti women prefer to wear what they like among family and female friends, however they make sure that they dress more modestly in public by maintaining a graceful and elegant look. They choose from the demure styles, the latest designs are worn, regardless of the climate or convenience. According to them, they believe what is said by Prophet Muhammad, that modesty brings nothing but to speech and behavior as well.

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