Thursday, August 27, 2015

Reinvigorating Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Market in Oman.

Info. About Oman SME -  In today’s fast-paced, dynamic market environment, Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) undoubtedly play a vital role. Growing and dynamic SMEs are essential to the growth and sustainability of any economy, as they provide a myriad of opportunities and value addition. A high-income economy like Oman, whose SME sector is still in its nascent stages, is yet to come to a stage where the SME sector is the primary contributor to the nation’s GDP.
This conference will not only showcase various best practices of economies such as the US and members of the EU, which benefit from significant contributions from their mature SME sector, but also initiate a dialogue on ways in which the Omani economy can bring about regulatory changes and incorporate some of these practices into their own system.


Important Agenda's -

Day 1 - 

* Overview of SME Financing in the Sultanate of Oman.
* ICV Development Strategy.
* Challenges to SME Development.
* Enterpreneurship Enabler.

Day 2 -

* Enterpreneurship in Education.
* Understanding an SME Ecosystem and Creating One.
* Opportunities for International Aspirant SMEs.
* Creating an Enterpreneurship Enviorment and It's Challenges.
* And Much More.

IFM Events
Location and Dates : AL Bustan Palace Hotel, Ritz Carlton, SEPTEMBER 13-14 2015.

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